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Full Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Servicing



Fault Finding

Got a warning light on? Car won't start or charge? Your local Electric & Hybrid repair specialists.

Air Conditioning

The air conditioning in most electric and hybrid cars runs from a high-voltage compressor. Ordinary air conditioning oil conducts electricity, so if the correct procedure is not used, isolation faults can prevent the car from starting. We have the equipment and expertise to sort out your air con.


Electric and hybrid vehicles generally use an electronic braking system to allow for regenerative braking. Whether you need brake pads, brake fluid change or other brake problems, we can help.

Electric (EV) & Hybrid (PHEV) Servicing

  • EV & PHEV Servicing & Repairs
  • High Voltage Systems
  • Battery Regen Braking Systems
  • Electric A/C compressor Systems

Contact us to arrange your electric vehicle service or repair.

Electric & Plug-In Hybrid Cars

We are continuously investing in training and equipment at Rowland Ridgwell to keep abreast with changes in the motoring world.

MHEV (Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicles), PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles), and full BEV (Battery Electric Vehicles) are getting more popular each year. EV CARS - MHEV, PHEV, BEV...

We can work on your car whether it's changing brake pads, replacing tyres, general servicing, troubleshooting or even your annual MOT.

Our technicians have undertaken courses on Electrical Engineering and have been trained to work on vehicles with High-Voltage Systems.

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Electric & Hybrid Servicing

Electric Hybrid Servicing
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